S. Al Kenany
CDMS Research Engineer

Office: 349 LeConte Hall
Phone: (650) 862-2792


Professional Aerospace Systems Engineer with 15+ years hands-on experience in the deign and development of astrophysics experiments and hardware, space instrument, small satellite, attitude and orbit control systems, optical engineering, infrared detector & cryogenic technology for the aerospace, space science and astronomy.

Expertise in systems engineering, design of experiment (DOE), feasibility studies, PDR & CDR design reviews, configuration& risk management, failure analysis, program planning and project management.

Providing of feasibility studies, conceptual design studies, government grant proposals, and proof-of-concept experiment proposals for various agencies and executive management boards.

Expertise in optomechanical design, sub-micron telescope alignment and set-up of complex bench experiments involving lasers, detectors, fiber optics, MEMS and robotic actuators.

Proficiency in mechanical engineering design and CAD modeling.

Proficiency in structural analysis, thermal simulation and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD).