Undergraduate Research Projects

Akash Dixit

Project description:Investigating a fast charge amplifier in order to make direct measurements of charge transport in Ge detectors under Arran Phipps. This could give insight into phenomenon such as charge trapping and increase the sensitivity of WIMP direct detectors.

Nicholas Kellaris

Project description:


Nathan Earnest

Impedance Matching for the Increase of the Target Mass

Abstract-Amongst the most important topics in Astrophysics and Cosmology today is to understand the nature of dark matter. Dark matter is believed to constitute a total of twenty-five percent of the universe, whereas ordinary matter, the matter that we see and touch day-to-day constitutes five percent. The rest of the universe is made up of “dark energy”. Using highly sensitive germanium detectors at near absolute zero temperatures, this experiment can attempt to verify the existence of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), a possible candidate for dark matter. These particles will collide with the nuclei of the germanium detectors, imparting energy to the detector. This energy is, in part, read as a charge signal and is then amplified in the electronics. Currently these electronics produce too much heat, preventing the increase of the target mass of the project for better chances to find WIMPs. Employing single junction transistors, as opposed to arrays, would reduce the heat load of the electronics but also introduce a larger mismatch in the impedance of the detector and the charge amplifier. The focus of this study is to use a transformer to correct this mismatch, allowing an increase in the target mass for the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment.

Allan Gamboa

Study of Thin Film Resistivities

Project description:This project examines the relationship between structural, purity, electrical and superconductive properties of thin films, specifically aluminum and niobium. With what we learn, we hope to improve the function of particle detectors, currently under development, which incorporate these films. PDF (283k)

Amir Yaghoubi

FPGA based Digital Data Acquisition System for MKIDs Experiment

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