The Sadoulet group laboratories are located in the basement of New LeConte, in rooms 79, 81, 85 and 86. As a low temperature lab we are defined by our dewars, listed below.

The 75 Fridge


The group's central research cryostat is the "75 Fridge", a 75µW 3He/4He dilution refrigerator housed in 79 LeConte Hall. This fridge is a veteran of two decades and more than 440 thermal cycles.

The 75 Fridge is used to cool massive detect and other test devices down to temperatures near 30 mK. It is our primary device for detector characterization.

For more details, see our Dilution Fridge page.

The Kelvinox 400 Dilution Refrigerator


Both the newest fridge and the most powerful, the Kelvinox 400 achieves over 400uW of cooling power which allows it to cool down larger masses quicker. The "400 fridge" was installed in 2012 and is currently being modified to accommodate the new larger detectors for the future of CDMS.

For more details, see our Dilution Fridge page.

The Clean Room

In order to prevent radiation and dust from contaminating the sensitive detectors, much of the work on the cold hardware, towers and detectors is preformed in the clean room. To enter, one must wear a lab coat, a hairnet, a mask, gloves and shoe covers to minimize outside particles from entering the room. The air is carefully filtered and parts are stored in cabinets that constantly being filled with pure nitrogen gas to prevent natural radiation from being absorbed by the sensitive electronics.

The IR Dewar

The "IR dewar" is a liquid nitrogen / liquid helium cryostat, designed to cool test payloads down to 4 K. It doesn't reach the low temperatures attainable with the dilution refrigerator, but it can be brought from room temperature to 4K and back in less than a day. This is our primary device for testing cold hardware and electronics.

For more details, see our cold hardware page. Cold Hardware?