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Cold Hardware Components

Here is where you can find information about the different components that make up the hardware inside the Berkeley Cryostat. Since this web site is devoted to what goes on at Berkeley, a lot of the information is specific to the Berkeley laboratory. The design of the hardware used here is not exactly the same as that used at the Stanford site, for instance. (One example is the orientation of the cold hardware used at Stanford, which is "upside-down" relative to the cold hardware used at Berkeley.)

When assembled all of the cold hardware components comprise the "Stack." One of the most amazing parts of the Stack is that almost all of the wiring is superconducting, which allows electricity to flow through the hardware and not heat it up. If the hardware were to heat up, however, it would reduce the efficiency of the cryostat and the other hardware around it.

To begin the tour, here is a map on which you can click to learn more about the different parts of the Stack. You can click on both the words and images in the map!This is currently not available for internet explorer users.

Alternatively, you can jump straight to looking at one of the three divisions of the Stack: Detectors, Basement, or Tower.

Updated: (JDR) 05/24/02